post the sexiest tractor you've fucked

I’m on my phone but a red one

I’m not going to dignify josh by publicly replying to him

spermbanker it’s so bad!


My new favorite meme

My new favorite meme

get my selfie more notes than robin thicke’s album sales

I forgot to blacklist bees on my new computer!!

This might be a dumb question but, how do you reply to someone's reply on your post? Like it shows up as "(tumblruser) replied to your post 'etc....'" and then your reply to that reply....??

Xkit, it’s great

Why is everybody posting 6 selfies???? Estoy muy confundido...

Same but whatever!


On the phone with HP tech support guy should I start jackin off

It’s fine you’ll have two hours before anything actually gets done

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